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Policies for ASC

Here are our policies for ASC. These are guidelines to help provide the best experience possible for everyone. 

Online Registration is Required for All ASC Workouts 

We typically open online registration one week before each workout. You can register on Eventbrite through any of the following ways:

  • Click the registration links in the email newsletter that we send to members on Sundays
  • Go to the linktree on our IG page – @arlington.sports.conditioning
  • Go to, click on the “Register” tab, and scroll to “Single Sessions”

Online Registration Closes Before Each Workout 

Registration closes 30 minutes before each session or if/when a session fills up sooner. 

We recommend signing up on Sundays (or sooner) for the workouts you want to attend during the upcoming week. If you end up needing to change your schedule, you can cancel your registration through Eventbrite.

No-Shows and Late Cancellations

We design our workouts based on how many people are registered for a session. Space is limited for all workouts.

If you are unable to attend a workout that you registered for, please cancel through Eventbrite (not by contacting Pete) at least 4 hours before the workout.

You can cancel through Eventbrite by following these steps:

  1. Click on “view current order” in your Eventbrite email receipt.
  2. Enter your login (if you have a login with Eventbrite) or click the button for Eventbrite to email you a login.
  3. If you choose for them to email you a login, go to your email and click the link in the email that they send you.
  4. Cancel your order/ticket

Package-holders and STARTER and PRO members will lose the credit for the session if they no-show (i.e., when you register for a workout but don’t show up) or if they late-cancel (i.e., when you cancel within 4 hours of a workout).

Members on an Unlimited membership who no-show or late-cancel may be charged an additional $15 fee per no-show or late-cancel if it becomes a habit.

ASC Workouts Start on Time

We don’t want to have to turn you away for arriving late. Plan ahead, so you can arrive early. 

This is not only for your benefit. It’s also for the benefit of everyone else. If you arrive late, it impacts the flow of the workout and is distracting to other participants. 

We’ll be ready to start on time, and we expect you to be ready on time, too.

Stay Focused During Workouts

Many of the exercises that we do at ASC are complex. That’s why ASC Strong workouts begin with a detailed demo.

Talking is not allowed during instructor demos. This is not only for your benefit. It’s also for the benefit of everyone else, so they can hear the explanation of each movement.

Talking should also be kept to a minimum when you are in the middle of a strength training set. 100% of your focus should be on the set. It’s for everyone’s safety and benefit.

Out-of-Town Guests

If a current ASC member has a friend visiting from out-of-town (over 50 miles away), the friend can attend one ASC Fast workout for free each calendar year. Send an email to before the workout with their name. Pete will let you know how they can register for free.

If a current ASC member has a friend visiting from out-of-town who wants to attend more than one ASC Fast workout in a calendar year, they can use promo code EXTRA to register for $25 for each additional session (normal price $35). They can also use promo code EXTRA to register for ASC Strong workouts at $25 each.

Note: These perks only apply for out-of-town guests and not for friends who live in the area. If you have friends in the area who want to try ASC for the first time, they can do our Trial Offer ($49 for two weeks of workouts).

Freezing Your Membership

Memberships can be frozen without penalty for pregnancy, military deployment, or medical issues that prohibit all exercise. A doctor’s note is required to freeze your membership due to a medical issue.

Memberships cannot be frozen for holidays/vacations or because of a short-term ache that limits a certain kind of movement. Modifications can be provided at our workouts if you are having difficulty with a certain kind of movement.

Memberships can be frozen for a minimum of 4 weeks at a time and for a maximum of 12 weeks each calendar year. If you have a special circumstance that requires a longer freeze, you can contact us.

Memberships cannot be frozen/refunded retroactively. If you would like to freeze your membership, you must email us at least 7 business days before you want the freeze to begin.

Changing or Canceling Your Membership

You may change or cancel your membership at any time by sending an email to We require at least 28 days of notice to cancel your membership. If you cancel your membership, you will be welcome to rejoin in the future at the rates being offered at that time.


We understand there might be special circumstances that require exceptions to our policies. If you have any questions or special circumstances, you can send an email to

First Time Here?

Check out our Trial Offer ($49 for two weeks of unlimited ASC workouts).