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Never Let Your Mood Stop You

What do you typically do when you are not in the mood to workout? 

Do you bail, or do you work out anyway?

Everyone experiences times when they aren’t in the mood to work out. 

The way that you handle these situations has a significant impact on your fitness level.

Here are three steps to help you follow-through on a workout when you are not in the mood:

Step 1: Remind yourself why you wanted to work out in the first place. 

That might give you the spark you need to get started.

Step 2: Ignore your mood and work out anyway. 

If you only work out when you are in the mood, your results will be severely limited. Why not decide that your mood is irrelevant?

Step 3: Analyze why you were not in the mood.

After you follow-through, ask yourself what you could do in the future to avoid not being in the mood to work out next time. 

For example, if you were not in the mood to workout in the morning, determine why. Maybe it was because you stayed up too late the night before. 

Never let your mood stop you.

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