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The #1 Key to Elite Fitness

A friend once asked me why she was not getting results, even though she said she was working out “4-5 times a week.” 

I asked her how many times she had exercised during the prior week. She said she had not exercised at all, since she had been on vacation.

I then asked how many times she had worked out the week before her trip. She said she had only worked out once or twice that week, since she had been busy getting ready for her vacation. 

I didn’t ask about any of the weeks before that.

It’s fine to dial back your training or take a week off from exercise every few months. In fact, doing so is beneficial if you typically train very hard. 

However, if you aren’t working out consistently (at least 90% of your weeks each year), your results will suffer dramatically.

Consistency is the #1 key to elite fitness.

If you are inconsistent, it does not matter how great your training program is or how hard you train.

Make exercise a consistent habit, and you are guaranteed to get results.

You don’t need to be perfect, but you do need to be consistent. Take it one week at a time.

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