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ASC Athlete Profile: Joy Halsey

Name:  Joy Halsey

Birthday: July 9

Hometown:  Corpus Christi, TX

What is your athletic background? Did you play any sports growing up?

I played a few sports growing up including kickball, volleyball and tennis for fun.

When did you attend your first workout with Arlington Sports Conditioning, and how did you first learn about the group?

My first ASC workout was at Gold’s Gym when Pete was leading the Monday night workouts.  I learned about the Saturday track workout through a former member, who called it “a running class”.  I’m not very fond of running, but tried it anyway on a very hot Summer day back in 2018 and enjoyed it.

What is your proudest athletic accomplishment, and why?  

I would say hiking the classic Inca Trail in 3 days.  Whereas, it’s not an athletic event or sport., it was an event that required a high level of fitness.  Hiking as high as 13,829 feet was mentally and physically challenging, and something I will never forget.  Cross another accomplishment off the bucket list!

What is your favorite exercise(s)?

Slam ball exercises, agility workouts and core.

What is your favorite workout song or musical artist?

Pink, Rihanna or any angry female musician.”

What is your favorite sports team?

Dallas Cowboys

Who is your favorite athlete?

Pete Leibman 😊

Other than working out, how else do you like to spend your free time?

Hiking, walking, cooking, gardening, traveling and most recently playing pickleball.

What do you like best about Arlington Sports Conditioning? 

I like the group of friendly people that come together to be healthy and supportive of one another.

What are the biggest benefits that you have experienced as a member?

The benefits are the friendships you form and the fitness level you attain.

What advice would you offer to new or prospective members of Arlington Sports Conditioning?

Don’t be afraid to tailor the workout to your fitness level. If sprinting on the track is not your thing, don’t worry about it.  Just go at your own pace.