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How Not to Tighten Up Your Core

Imagine you get up one morning and make your bed. You tossed and turned a lot the night before, so your bed sheets are all wrinkled. 

You really want the center of your sheets to be tight, so you try to smooth out the middle of your bed. You do not tuck in any other area though. You ignore the corners and sides. 

What would happen? The sheets would not get tight in the middle or anywhere else.

Now, imagine what would occur if you tucked in the sheets at every corner and side of the bed: the left side, the right side, the top, the bottom, and the corners. 

As you tucked in each additional area, the middle of your bed sheets would get tighter and tighter. 

While this is not what happens with your body during an exercise, this is a good image to keep in mind. You will not tighten up your core by only doing cardio and core exercises. 

If you want to tighten your core, you need to train your entire body (legs, chest, shoulder, back, arms, and core).

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