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ASC Athlete Profile: Greg Tashjian

Name: Greg Tashjian

Birthday: March 5

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

What is your athletic background? Did you play any sports growing up? 

“My primary sports were soccer and swimming. I also played travel soccer through age 18 (travel and high school). I swam competitively since age 5 all the way through college.”

When did you attend your first workout with Arlington Sports Conditioning, and how did you first learn about the group? 

“I first joined ASC in August 2021 when I was recommended to try it out by two ASC members (Fernanda Sobral and Adria Stoliar).”

What is your proudest athletic accomplishment, and why? 

“I have two proudest moments: (1) Finishing in 3rd place for the Open Heats at the 2022 Nats Park Stadion race. (2) Partnering with 3 teammates to win the VA High School State Title in the 200-meter freestyle relay. Both accomplishments show how hard work and dedication can help you reach your ultimate goals.”

What is your favorite exercise(s)? 

“Sprints, Mountain Climbers, Tricep Pulldowns.”

What is your favorite workout song or musical artist? 

“(1) Till I Collapse by Eminem (2) Let’s Go by Trick Daddy (3) Stuntin Like My Daddy by Lil Wayne.”

What is your favorite sports team? 

“Washington Capitals, but I love all DC Sports teams. The Caps have just had the most success in my lifetime, haha.”

Who is your favorite athlete?

Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals”

Other than working out, how else do you like to spend your free time? 

“Hanging around Arlington with friends, going to breweries, bowling (been an avid bowler since I was a kid), and I love to travel.”

What do you like best about Arlington Sports Conditioning? What do you see as the biggest benefits of ASC? 

“ASC has introduced me to so many new friends and great people. It’s honestly like a second family I get to spend time with a few days a week where everyone has the same mindset of Work Hard Play Hard.’ ASC keeps me honest with my workout regimen and helps keep my workout plans on a consistent schedule.”

What advice would you offer to new or prospective members of Arlington Sports Conditioning? 

“(1) Don’t knock it til you try it. (2) It might be painful at the start, but that pain is just weakness leaving the body. (3) The harder you work and the more often you participate, the easier and more enjoyable it will become.”