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Focus on Exercise Quality Over Exercise Quantity

Many people assume that more is always better when it comes to exercise. 

In reality, there comes a point where training longer becomes counter-productive. You increase your odds of burning out, getting hurt, and becoming inconsistent with your workouts.

Focus on exercise quality over exercise quantity.

You do not need to work out more than once each day, and you do not need to work out for more than 60 minutes each day.

You do need to be consistent throughout the year, and you do need to push yourself when you work out. 

Most people can achieve their health and fitness goals by training for 4-6 focused hours each week (what I do). That’s about an hour per workout on 4-6 days each week. 

Working out more than that each week is not necessary or impressive! It is probably not sustainable either.

Working out more than six hours each week makes you more likely to burn out or get hurt, which will make you inconsistent throughout the year- which will crush your progress and results.

Focus on exercise quality over exercise quantity.

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