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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Arlington Sports Conditioning (ASC):

FAQ: Who is ASC for? ASC is for anyone in or near Arlington, VA who wants to burn fat, build lean muscle, and get faster, stronger, and fitter. We welcome men and women of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

FAQ: I’m a bit intimidated by your group. Am I fit enough to participate? Many of our long-time members told us they were once intimidated to participate in our workouts as well. However, they were welcomed warmly to the group and glad they stepped out of their comfort zone. We offer modifications for all exercises and will make sure you have a first-class experience. Join us!

FAQ: What type of results can I expect? The more consistent you are with attending our workouts and with eating clean, the better your results will be. Our program will help you burn fat, build muscle, and develop a lean, athletic physique. You will also improve your speed, strength, endurance, athleticism, agility, mobility, and flexibility.

FAQ: Do you accept walk-in registration for your training sessions? We are unable to accept walk-ins for our training sessions. Online registration closes before each session.

FAQ: What is the cancelation policy for your training sessions? If you purchase an individual session, all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. If you purchase a limited membership or a package of sessions and are registered for a specific workout, you must cancel the session online (through your Eventbrite account) at least 4 hours in advance, or you will forfeit the credit. Members on an unlimited membership might be subject to a $15 fee if no-shows or late-cancels become a habit.

FAQ: What is your weather policy for outdoor workouts? We never cancel workouts due to weather. The workout is on- rain, shine, sleet, or snow!

FAQ: Is it okay if I am a few minutes late for a training session? Please arrive early and be 100% ready to train at the designated start time. We do not want to turn you away for arriving late.

FAQ: What should I bring to the workouts? Bring a water bottle, a towel, and a clean pair of sneakers. There are no lockers at our workout locations, so we recommend leaving any valuables at home.

FAQ: What type of footwear should I wear to the workouts? We recommend running sneakers for our ASC Fast workouts and cross-training sneakers for our ASC Strong workouts. Please do NOT wear dirty shoes to our indoor workouts, especially when the ground is wet outside. Wear a separate pair of shoes to the indoor location and change into clean sneakers once you enter the facility.

FAQ: What type of clothing should I wear to the workouts? We recommend athletic clothing that you can move freely in. Check the weather in advance of our outdoor workouts and dress appropriately. We recommend dressing in layers, even when exercising indoors. It is easier to take clothing off if you get too warm than it is to add clothing if you feel cold.

FAQ: Do unused sessions roll over? Unused sessions do not roll over. Use them or lose them.

FAQ: How do I change or cancel my membership? You can change or cancel your membership at any time. We require 28-day notice for cancelations. Send an email to to make a change to your membership.

FAQ: Can I share my membership or package with another person? Each membership and package is only for one person and cannot be shared with anyone else. 

FAQ: Is there parking near your workout locations? There is free or metered parking near all our workout locations. Be sure to read all street signs. ASC is not responsible if you park illegally.