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The #1 Exercise Myth

The #1 exercise myth is that you should only do cardio if you want to tighten up and you should only lift weights if you want to get bigger.

Many people avoid weights completely. Other lift weights that are way too light for what they are capable of lifting. The fear is getting bulky or too musclebound.

In reality, you get bulky from poor nutrition and/or poor sleep, both of which are terrible for your waistline. You get too musclebound by eating an enormous amount of food, or by taking drugs or questionable supplements.

I know a woman named Rhonda who lives in Michigan. She is featured in my book Work Stronger. Rhonda lost over 100 pounds after the age of fifty, and most people would be shocked to learn how she did it: by lifting heavy weights

She told me that she “did not lose one ounce” when her exercise consisted of walking over twenty-five miles a week. 

“When I started squatting and lifting heavy, that’s when my dress size really dropped. Now, I’m a size two,” she told me for Work Stronger

“I now use dumbbells that weigh twenty-five to thirty pounds or more for just about every exercise that I do. I also do plyometrics and 100-meter sprints two times a week. It’s amazing how much stronger and fitter I am now,” she said.

Of course, you need to be careful if you are going to lift heavy. You should never sacrifice form to lift heavier. 

However, don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights. They will improve your body composition and help you swap fat for lean muscle.

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