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ASC Athlete Profile: Dom Angelotti

Name: Dom Angelotti

Birthday: April 21

Hometown: Midland, MI

What is your athletic background? Did you play any sports growing up?

Growing up I played mainly soccer and ran track during high school. In college I was a boxer for the Notre Dame Men’s Boxing Club. Currently I play in multiple rec leagues in the DMV area for soccer, sand volleyball, and kickball.

When did you attend your first workout with Arlington Sports Conditioning, and how did you first learn about the group?

My first workout with Arlington Sports Conditioning was way back in the fall of 2019 when the group was still doing workouts at Gold’s Gym in Ballston. I signed up for a class one day to try it out and loved it!

What is your proudest athletic accomplishment, and why?

Proudest athletic accomplishment is definitely competing in the annual Bengal Bouts tournament for the Notre Dame Men’s Boxing Club. The club raises money every year for the Holy Cross missions in Bangladesh to help provide resources to get children through school. Over my time in the club we raised well over half a million dollars for the missions.

What is your favorite exercise(s)?

That is a tough one – so many great ones to choose from but I’d probably have to go with burpees. So many fun variations you can do with it!

What is your favorite workout song or musical artist?

Normally I’m more of an indie music fan (shoutout my 4 Lumineers inspired tattoos!) but that doesn’t make for a great workout mix. I’ll usually go anything rap or hip-hop for workouts but Eminem is a go to!

What is your favorite sports team?

Notre Dame football without a doubt (or really just any Notre Dame team)

Who is your favorite athlete?

Not sure I really have any particular favorite – as of late have been enjoying watching the Caitlin Clark era of the WNBA unfold though.

Other than working out, how else do you like to spend your free time?

Still like to be active in general (hikes, biking, long walks), but also enjoy cooking/baking, trying to keep some plants alive, travelling (next up is Maine), videos games on occasion, or just catching up with friends and family and having a relaxing night in.

What do you like best about Arlington Sports Conditioning?

Definitely the community and all the people involved with the group. Always so much fun to see everyone working together and encouraging one another during the workouts – and having a blast at happy hours or other events outside of the workouts!

What are the biggest benefits of being a member?

I’d say the biggest benefit is just getting to meet all kinds of new people. We all have such different backgrounds and stories and it’s fun to get to know everyone and learn more about them (while we all sweat our butts off)!

What advice would you offer to new or prospective members of Arlington Sports Conditioning?

Probably to just have an open mind and be willing to give it a shot. The community is super welcoming and friendly and the workouts are top-notch. The workouts may seem hard but I’m promise you that you can do them – and there’ll be people there to support you and cheer you on along the way when it feels like you can’t!