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Special Offer for Capital Alumni Network Athletes and Friends

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Get Faster, Stronger, and Fitter with Arlington’s #1 Fitness Community

Arlington Sports Conditioning (ASC) has teamed-up with the Capital Alumni Network (CAN) on a special offer for CAN athletes and friends.

ASC is an athletic strength and conditioning program that has helped thousands of women and men burn fat, build lean muscle, and get faster, stronger, and fitter.

From now until September 1, 2023, CAN athletes and friends can get 25% off on group training sessions with ASC on Thursdays and Saturdays. Use promo code CAN25.

ASC will also donate 50% of all orders made with promo code CAN25 to the Capital Alumni Network.

Follow these two simple steps to sign up for group training sessions at 25% off:

Step 1: Click here to visit ASC’s Eventbrite page and select your workout(s). Workouts can be reserved up to one week out.

Step 2: Enter promo code CAN25 to save 25% on ASC’s Thursday and Saturday workouts. (ASC workouts on other days are only available at full price or through ASC memberships and packages.)

Want to learn more about ASC? Scroll down to learn how ASC is different and how we got started.

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How Is ASC Different?

Here are three ways that ASC is different from other group exercise programs:

1. ASC brings the gym outdoors: While most group exercise programs in Arlington are 100% indoors, ASC brings the gym outdoors. We train at the best outdoor locations in the area. We also bring a 100-decibel stereo and a van full of fitness equipment (dumbbells, slam balls, battle ropes, resistance bands, etc.) to our workouts. Working out outdoors provides much more space and variety, and it challenges you in ways that indoor workouts cannot. 

2. ASC eliminates tedious machines like treadmills, stationary bikes, and rowers: Most group exercise programs keep you stationary and make you spend a lot of time on tedious machines. Machines may help you burn calories, but they don’t improve your balance, coordination, agility, athleticism, or strength. ASC eliminates tedious machines and trains you with dynamic, athletic movements and functional equipment.

3. ASC is more effective AND more fun: ASC takes the good from other group exercise programs (accountability, expert guidance, great music) and removes the bad (crowded indoor spaces and tedious, ineffective workouts). Our program is more effective AND more fun.

ASC outdoor workout

How ASC Got Started

ASC started in 2012. At the time, ASC Founder Pete Leibman was teaching a weekly Sports Conditioning class for Gold’s Gym in Ballston. The class had become extremely popular, often getting over 100 people per class (photo below).

One summer day, Pete asked the group if they would be interested in doing a workout outdoors. Everyone was interested. Three days later, Pete hosted ASC’s first outdoor workout.

Over the next ten years, Pete led hundreds of outdoor workouts for thousands of people in and around Arlington.

More recently, ASC expanded its schedule to offer two different class formats and five workouts each week.

While most of our members have been with us for years, we are just getting started…

Sports Conditioning indoor class

About Pete Leibman, ASC Founder and Head Coach

Pete Leibman is the Founder and Head Coach for ASC. Since going through his own body transformation as a teenager, Pete has helped thousands of people burn fat, build lean muscle, and get faster, stronger, and fitter. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Pete led Gold’s Gym’s most popular group exercise class for a decade. Here is a bit more about Pete:

  • Certified Personal Trainer through Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
  • Certified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition, the #1 nutrition coaching company
  • Athlete: Competitor in 2016 Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) World Championships
  • Best-Selling Author of two books and more than 300 articles
Pete Leibman during a Tough Mudder
Pete at a Tough Mudder Obstacle Course Race