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ASC Athlete Profile: Abadi Ismail

Name: Abadi Ismail

Birthday: December 8

Hometown: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

What is your athletic background? Did you play any sports growing up?

My family enrolled me in a private school when I grew up in Saudi Arabia. Soccer was a big deal in school, so I joined my class’s elementary school soccer tournament! It was my first time buying a jersey, and my class selected the Juventus team! Long story short, I grew up watching soccer until I moved to the States for college at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Cheered for the husky, attended the Seattle Seahawks games with my family, and experienced the Beastmode run [ by Marshawn Lynch] against the New Orleans Saints live with the Seahawks fans in Seattle. Since then, football has been my number one sport.

When did you attend your first workout with Arlington Sports Conditioning, and how did you first learn about the group?

In early 2020, I’d go to the WL Aquatic Center for a swim. One day, it was raining and gloomy. Pete was my neighbor back then. He saw me walking to the pool and invited me to his workout. I changed course and joined the track and field workout with ASC in the rain instead.”

What is your proudest athletic accomplishment, and why?

“I’d go back to 2008-2009. I signed up for a Red Bull paper plane design worldwide competition. My design won among all Saudi Arabian schools in a long-distance category, so Red Bull flew me to Hanger-7 Red Bull HQ to compete globally! My paper plane traveled 30 Yards in a closed dome, and I was ranked # 51 Globally!”

What is your favorite exercise(s)?

“100 Meter Run to beat Greg, Marc, and Pete!” 🙂

What is your favorite workout song or musical artist?

“Pete’s Spotify playlists, lol, but yes, fast music with strong beats that can bring my heartbeat up.”

What is your favorite sports team

Liverpool FC and the Seattle Seahawks

Who is your favorite athlete?

“I’ll go with individual sports—tennis players like Viktoria Azarenka, Simona Halep, Iga Swiatek, and Paula Badosa.”

Other than working out, how else do you like to spend your free time?

“Tennis matches on Tuesdays, Wakeboarding on Wednesdays, and Boating on Weekends. And recording my podcast episodes during the NFL season.”

What do you like best about Arlington Sports Conditioning? What are the biggest benefits that you have experienced as a member?

ASC helps me stay in shape and maximize my weekend hours by getting up early on Saturdays. The biggest benefit I experienced was when I applied for an NFL TV Role. Everyone helped me with my NFL TV pitch throughout the workout videos we did together. Today, I am one of the Arabic NFL TV commentators across the Middle East, being on Live TV on Monday Night Football, talking sports across all Middle Eastern countries and reaching out to everyone’s home screens. Thanks to all of you.” :-)

What advice would you offer to new or prospective members of Arlington Sports Conditioning?

“Enjoy the workouts, make friends, join us for happy hours, and celebrate ASC’s great holiday celebrations!”