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3 Mistakes that Companies Make with Personality Assessments

Many companies use personality assessments as a tool for evaluating and developing their people. Personality assessments can help you understand how someone sees the world and interacts with others. These tests can also provide insights into the type of role and environment in which someone will be happiest and most productive at work.

When used correctly, personality assessments can lead to better hiring decisions, and they can also improve communication and productivity in the workplace. However, there are some common mistakes that companies make when using these tools. This article highlights the three biggest mistakes.

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How Long Does It Take to Complete an Executive Search? (It Depends on 5 Factors.)

As an executive recruiter, one of the most common questions that current and potential clients ask me is “how long does it take to complete an executive search?”

According to The Executive Search Benchmark Performance Report by Clockwork (a leading executive search software company), the average executive search takes 123 days to complete. However, this statistic does not tell the whole story. Some searches take less than 60 days, and some searches take more than 180 days.

Each search is unique. This article features five questions to help you predict how long your search is likely to take.

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Why Third-Party Recruiters Attract Better Candidates than Internal Recruiters

As companies grow, they often hire full-time internal recruiters. This is done in an attempt to be more efficient and to cut back on the fees being paid to third-party search firms. However, there is a significant downside to reducing or eliminating your usage of external recruiters: your company will find it more difficult to engage top talent. In this article, you will learn three reasons why third-party, external recruiters attract better candidates than internal recruiters.

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