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2024 Summer Referral Program for ASC Clients

We are running a 2024 summer referral program for current ASC clients!

From now until August 1, you may invite up to three friends (first-time, local residents only) to attend one ASC workout for free. Details and terms and conditions are below.

Referral Bonuses

When one of your referrals signs up for an ASC membership (STARTER, PRO, VIP, or FAMILY), you receive a $50 referral bonus. It is taken off your next billing cycle or ASC purchase.

Over $300 in Extra Prizes

On Saturday, August 10th, we are having a party at Punch Bowl Social to close out The 2024 Arlington Olympics

That night, we are going to raffle off over $300 in extra prizes from local health and wellness businesses.

There will be prizes from StretchLab, The St. James, South Block, Greenheart Juice Shop, ASC, and more.

You will receive one entry in the raffle for each guest pass redeemed by your friends before August 1, 2024.

If your friend signs up for an ASC membership (STARTER, PRO, VIP, or FAMILY) before August 1, 2024, you will also receive five additional entries in the raffle.

You do not need to attend the party on August 10th to be eligible to win the prizes.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for the 2024 summer referral program:

  • The guest passes are only valid for local residents who have never attended an ASC workout before. Limit of one guest pass per person.
  • The guest passes are valid for ASC workouts on Monday mornings, Wednesday mornings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings.
  • Guest passes must be redeemed at least 12 hours before a workout.
  • Your free guest passes expire at midnight on Thursday, August 1, 2024. Use them or lose them!

How to Redeem Your Guest Passes

Redeeming your guest passes is simple. 

Send your friends to, or tell them to use promo code SUMMER when they register on Eventbrite.

Who Should You Give Your Guest Passes to?

Wondering who to give your guest passes to? Here are eight ideas:

(1) Family Members and Close Friends

Let’s start with the most obvious category. Do you have any family members or close friends in the area who would like to get faster, stronger, and fitter? 

(2) Neighbors

If you live in a house, what about inviting neighbors who live on your block? If you live in an apartment or condo, what about inviting residents from your building?

(3) Sports and Fitness Friends

Are you part of any rec sports teams, run clubs, tennis or pickleball meetups, or other sports and fitness groups? What about inviting them to an ASC workout?

(4) Professional Contacts in the Area

Think about your professional network in the area, including clients, employees, supervisors, current or former co-workers, and local networking contacts. What about inviting them to join you for a workout? 

(5) Local Service Providers

You probably have many people who serve you and your family. For example, your doctors, dentist, teachers, babysitter, dog walker, stylist, barber, bartender, etc. What about inviting them to an ASC workout?

(6) Social Club Members

Are you a member of a pool, country club, church group, or another social club in the area? What about inviting some fellow members?

(7) Cell Phone Contacts

There might be some people in your phone who live nearby and who are not top of mind. You could scroll through your cell phone for ideas for your guest passes.

(8) Social Media Contacts

Do you use Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms? You could scroll through your social media followers or contacts for ideas for your guest passes.


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